Police Academy

Some films just make you smile.

Comedies are probably the hardest films to make, and certainly the least likely to 'age well' (where a film can be watched and understood generations into the future). Jokes become old, outdated and or in many instances, offensive. This is most definitely the case with Police Academy, which is a stream of tasteless jokes from beginning to end. They are racist, mysoginistic, and homophobic, sometimes in the most basic of ways (a running joke throughout the series, for example, sees several characters accidentally visiting a gay bar of the most stereotypical kind and being forced to dance with the regulars)

But somehow, it also retains a charm that is genuinely infectious, meaning that despite myself, i still love this film 35 years on.

The film's plot (if there can be one) follows the attempts of a disparate group of recruits trying to become police officers following a rule change by the city allowing anyone to apply. Among them is Mahoney, who has been forced to apply following one too many minor brushes with the law, and his attempts to get kicked out.

The characters in this first, highly successful episode in the franchise, are surprisingly well-rounded, and despite the type of jokes involved, many of them are still strong enough to elicit a good number of belly laughs. The scene at the shooting range is a genuine classic.

At 90 minutes, its a fast and enjoyable trip back in time.

'You make me sick,'

'Thank you, sir. I make everybody sick.......'

Will it help with my English?

Police Academy has American English throughout, and lots of interesting accents and dialect. Intermediate students will love it!

Please ignore the link, it's only for testing purposes at the moment :-)

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