Terminator 2

Will it help my English?

Plenty of different accents but mainly American English. Minimal dialogue so easy to follow for all levels.


"I'll be back"


Probably the most famous catchphrase in cinema. Arnold Schwarzenegger has used this phrase on numerous occasions, from Commando and The Running Man to Last Action Hero.  But it's The Terminator, and its sequel Terminator 2, for which he is most well known.


In the Terminator, Schwarzenegger plays an unstoppable robot sent back in time to kill John Connor's mother before he can be born. It failed. In T2, another robot is sent back. And everything about T2 is bigger and better than the original. The special effects are not only incredible, but truly groundbreaking. Before T2, special effects meant practical effects (see John Carpenter's The Thing for the gold standard here). T2 was one of the very first films to use computer generated effects that looked genuinely realistic, which in turn made the action absolutely rock. 


T2 begins around ten years after Terminator, and a lot has happened. Sarah Connor has had John but they are not together when the film begins. And when two new terminators are sent back in time to try and kill him, she must find a way to keep him safe. Linda Hamilton is incredible as the hard bitten Sarah, worn down by the weight of her future.


But it is Arnold's film. T2 was the culmination of a hot cinema streak that began with Conan Barbarian and ran through the 80s to Total Recall and the. Finally 

Not many sequels better the original. Godfather 2 and The Empire Strikes Back are the exceptions, not the rule. And T2 comfortably sits with both of them. It's Arnold's and the director James Cameron's best film. And with Cameron's filmography, that's no mean feat.