American accents throughout. Challenging for intermediate English speakers.


We never intended to watch this film. My friends and I were late to another film and decided, rather than miss the first 5-10 minutes, to watch something else instead. 


"This one's got Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman in it?" one of us noted- Ok, we agreed, lets try it.


Sorry, but fuck me what a film.


Seven is unique in my favourite films list in that it doesn't have the traditional qualities to qualify. The subject matter is hard, and the famous twist would render most films less qualifying of multiple watch status. (Yes, its great, but once you know, etc)


That's not the case with Se7en at all. I have seen this film at least twenty times in the almost thirty years since its release,and  it gets better every time.


Pitt and Freeman play detectives trying to catch a serial killer who is following the seven deadly sins; greed, gluttony, sloth, vanity, lust, envy, and wrath. 


Kevin Spacey is only in the film for about twenty minutes, but his performance is incredible. At once both a psychopath and logical "angel of death" his introduction shifts the film into another gear, from the classic "whodunnit" into "whydoit" territory. And his reasons, again while terrifying, include that small echo of truth and understanding.


Se7en now has a place on my all time top ten list. It's David Fincher's best.


The tension the film builds is palpable, and the ending.......if you haven't seen it yet, do so. As soon as you can.