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I watched Aliens twice last year. I could watch it again right now. That's how good it is.


There are very few sequels that are better than the original. Terminator 2, Godfather 2, Empire Strikes Back.


Aliens, depending on your point of view of course, fits comfortably into this category. The reason it's not definitely on my list is because it's not in the same genre as Alien. Alien was a horror film. Aliens is an action film. The difference is noticeable, but not as you may expect. 


The director James Cameron has somehow managed to fuse the tension of the first film with some of the most exciting action sequences ever put to film. The special effects are fantastic, and still look good forty years later.


Then there's the dialogue and acting. Sigourney Weaver and Michael Biehn are perfect as the protagonist Ripley and Corporal Hicks respectively, but the film wouldn't be as memorable as it is without Private Hicks. Bill Paxton  is brilliant as the at once cowardly and brave marine grunt sent to planet LV426 to eliminate the alien species, our at least that's what they think.........


"Game over, man!"